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Community Engagement

“Working with community and elder dancers is a speciality of mine. I directed Canberra Dance Theatre for 7 years and established the GOLD over 55’s dance company. I was awarded a 2017 Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Community Dance for my work with them” Liz Lea (2018)


Performance Day: Arrive at the venue during the morning. The afternoon is spent in rehearsals, costume consultation, lighting ensuring all participants feel comfortable and confident in their debut performance. 



There is a trio for Lea and two men, and RED also includes a “codeine nightmare” where Lea is joined by a chorus line of older dancers dressed in black who danced with and for her and helped her depict the experience of coping with and managing horrendous pain. 

 - Dance Informa June 2018

Briefly, a glorious "chorus line" of 12 grey-haired women teams up with her for a rather wobbly but engaging appearance.

 - Sydney Morning Herald June 2018


Her character is incredibly vivacious, highly spirited and nurturing, prompting all of us to trust in ourselves and in our intuition… ea has produced a beautiful show, emanating so much joy and life, which infectiously spills into the audience. — Funny, moving, brave and inspirational. 

 - Sydney Arts Guide June 2018


Lea herself choreographed a quasi-nightmare sequence in which twelve mature dancers in sparkling black dresses carrying red fans circled around her as she succumbed to the effects of prescription drugs.

 - Australian Arts Review March 2018

How remarkable that such a painful affliction as Endometriosis could inspire such a beautiful work as Red ... a remarkably coherent, powerful and moving dance-theatre work. 

 - Arts Review March 2018

She was joined by a group of older dancers on stage in a farcical portrayal of attempting dignity and rehabilitation while strengthening the pelvic floor.

 - Canberra City News March 2018

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