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The Stellar Company began life in 2006 as the Australian Talented Youth Project. We are a multi-arts dance company providing mentoring programs for emerging artists across Australia with a strong focus on First Nations artists.

We aim to activate professionally produced, quality arts practice through a lens of cultural equity, embedded accessibility, social inclusion and sustainability. Stellar/ATYP has a 16 year history of excellence in nurturing artists of all backgrounds. Directed by Liz Lea, we are broadening our vision to work in a full inclusive, intercultural and intergenerational capacity to bring the social, physical and mental  benefits of arts practice to all members of our community. Our community reflects the face of Canberra. We run projects that speak to and serve people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Our Vision for 2022-27 speaks to the core values of the ACT Minister’s Statement of Ambition;

Stellar Creates – stunning, professional quality, innovative and insightful new work and new programs. We embed current programs with new levels of access and inclusion. We work across generations, across abilities, across cultures, across Canberra, Australia and the world. We run 8 stunning programs which range from well established (BOLD) to completely new (Pleiades). We are forever creating, adjusting, encompassing and we thrive.

Stellar Develops – new approaches to arts practice which speaks to the communities we spring from. We develop connections between people, art forms, generations, abilities and cultures. We develop science and technology based work alongside good old fashioned joyful dancing. We develop upskilling, reskilling and employment opportunities and we do it in style and in fully accessible fashion.

Stellar Promotes – Our reputation for quality community arts garners immediate attention and respect, which in turn engenders interest and rising support for what we do. Australia’s only dance Festival for elders delivered in accessible formats? BOLD Access - Check! Canberra’s first inclusive dance company? Chamaeleon Collective - Check! International mentors and connective programs? Gemini - Check! Australia’s first disability focused dance film festival? I Dance - Check! Business, dance, arts and mentoring in one program? Pleiades - Check! Performances programmed across the ACT by leading community dance groups reflecting our community audiences? Stellar Productions - Check! Putting the A into STEM for STEAM? Sirius - Check! Supporting Canberra’s newest First Nations dance company? Project Dust - Check! 

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