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Cygnus is named after the constellation denoting the swan. Under this name the 7 Chamaeleon dancers will work with Artistic Director Liz Lea and Education Director Susan Innis to each develop a dance and science show about 7 different birds. Each dancer will choose which bird they would like to research and share information and create a dance about. This will be filmed as well as developed for live performances which can be presented in schools, retirement homes, libraries, and hospitals. The birds might include;

  • Swans

  • Cockatoos

  • Rosellas

  • Magpie

  • Flamingo

  • Robin

  • Kookaburra 

Cygnus is aimed at identifying professional development pathways for the dancers – through dance, theatre and commercial work. Each work will require the dancers to assist in developing material, information, choreography, teaching and dancing.

The shows will each have Auslan Interpretation, Audio Description and Captioning.

See Cockatoo Calling below as an example!

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