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RED is fearless, RED is fierce, RED is powerful – a one woman show full of film and fabulousness.


A poignant, riotous and ultimately triumphant exploration of one woman’s story – an exquisite exploration of female endurance. Described as unforgettable, shattering and hilarious, RED is a soul baring retelling of one woman’s journey through illness and recovery with an eye to the future.


RED explores Liz Lea’s journey and experiences with Endometriosis. She has the disease for 20 years as she created and toured her work internationally. Returning to Australia she needed a bowel reconstruction – all of which could have been avoided had she paid attention to her body and her body’s needs. RED charts this journey and that of her recovery, loosing and re-finding her sense of humour. The work is played out to letters of her Doctors, a range of contemporary and newly composed music and stunning film footage. The audience is left with a sense of quiet, joy and reflection.


You will laugh, you’ll cry, you won’t forget.

Hitch a ride on a race with time that speaks in another tongue. The language of body, movement, words and film. RED is an elusive, fractious and fabulous interdisciplinary performance. Bringing on the bawdy and banishing the banal. 


RED challenges laughter, relief and tenacity. It’s a fast ride, and you want to get on board before it’s too late.  A tale told by one woman with a particular take on how time passes for us all. Let Liz Lea get you in touch with your mischievous self in this new and captivating work about the temporal workings of your own body. 

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