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Liz Lea is a force of fabulousness not to be f….d with!  

 - Sydney Scoop June 2018


Interesting and evocative… a beautiful sense of calm and hope

 - Sydney Morning Herald June 2018


Her character is incredibly vivacious, highly spirited and nurturing, prompting all of us to trust in ourselves and in our intuition… ea has produced a beautiful show, emanating so much joy and life, which infectiously spills into the audience. — Funny, moving, brave and inspirational. 

 - Sydney Arts Guide June 2018


RED was a truly remarkable piece of dance theatre with the coherence that only exceptional dramaturgy, can achieve. Every aspect of the production was astonishing. 

 - Canberra Times March 2018

How remarkable that such a painful affliction as Endometriosis could inspire such a beautiful work as Red ... a remarkably coherent, powerful and moving dance-theatre work. 

 - Arts Review March 2018

This dancing diva is certainly not waiting in the wings, she is centre stage, living out loud and sharing her story with those who see “RED” 

 - City News March 2018


In this work we see, I believe, the true nature of art. 

 - Canberra Critics Circle March 2018



  • What a highlight RED was – quite a statement and an inclusive and unique work. It was everything and much more than I expected. Congratulations.

  • I laughed in many parts and had tears running down my face in others. It was so touching, so beautiful, it blew me away

  • I am still so moved by your performance of RED. It was such a wonderful performance that made me laugh, made me cry. You did so good. It was wonderful.

  • Liz, what a marvel, Loved the show…so honest, so entertaining, such versatility, such stamina, I was exhausted after the first dance, what a talent!



  • The show was fabulous

  • Loved RED, very honest

  • Very Thought provoking

  • This was very inspiring and would recommend it done to young people so they can have a better understanding of Endometriosis

  • The show was amazing

  • Very powerful performance

  • A story told in a powerful way

  • Most enjoyable

  • I enjoyed every minute of this performance

  • Totally enjoyable

  • Inspirational, stunning, funny , Brilliant

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