Stars in 3D

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Stars in 3D is a season of dance and technology premiering in the newly launched Winter Festival and National Science Week. Presented by The Stellar Company in collaboration with ASTRO 3D this is the launch of Company Chamaeleon - an emerging inclusive dance collective.

Named after the constellation and reptile, both constant and adaptable, Chamaeleon is a collective of artists living with disability who are taking the next step into professional practice.

Stars in 3D also festures artists from Sprung!! Intergrated Dance Theatre and Singapore's DADC company as well as cameo performances by Liz Lea, Dream Team, CDTribe and Xtreme Stars.

Supported by the ACT Government.

This event has Auslan Interpretation and Captioning.


Photo credit; Lorna Sim with Katie Senior and  Liz Lea


Image description; two Caucasian women wearing black dresses with a pink inset in the middle of the chests with hands on their laps as they sit, looking straight ahead.

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